Where to go out in Dubrovnik? We know the perfect solution!

Where to go out in Dubrovnik?

where to go out in dubrovnik

Where to go out in Dubrovnik? We know the perfect solution!

Perhaps in other tourist towns the best option for the evening/night out will be a typical nightclub where entertainment is focused on a typical fun, but when it comes to Dubrovnik, non typical tourist pearl, the night out is also – non typical.

Dubrovnik, who owes it’s glory to a historic Old Town, can offer much more then just sightseeing, and by that, nightlife will also be the best if it happens right there. In the heart of Dubrovnik’s greatness, an old city core.

There, you will find a place where you can wake up with first morning coffee or end your perfect day by dancing on the dance floor. With famous DJ’s, motley night event programmes and different music genres – from pop, hip-hop to progressive house and similar music varieties.

The place you are looking for is Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge
– the ‘in’ place for fun, located in a very heart of Dubrovnik’s most precious life. Few steps away from Church of St Blaise, offering something completely different from this historic jewel.

And that is the moment you will never find in other, especially bigger cities.

Being around the famous historic gems, but enjoying very modern night fun, it can only offer Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge. Place where, besides rich daily menu offer, with fantastic meals and drinks, you will also find an exclusive selection of tasteful cocktails, remarkable wine list and rich domestic and world’s famous beer selection.

Be different, choose different, and have no worry about quality and fun, since this place is known as a perfect warming up evening location.

Unfortunately, since the Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge is located in a heart of an Old Town, UNESCO World Heritage treasure, it works only till 2 AM, but after great warming up, just continue your night out in another famous Dubrovnik’s entertainment point, popular club Revelin, placed in other historic treasure – fortress Revelin.

And, of course, after the great night, come and wake up on a ‘crime scene’ – with coffee, nice selection of fresh natural juices and nutritious rich breakfast.

Perfect for a morning after…