Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge - The Best Bar or Pub in Dubrovnik

Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge – The Best Bar or Pub in Dubrovnik

the best bar pub dubrovnik

If you’re looking for best bar or pub in Dubrovnik, come stay at Cele

No matter if you plan ahead whole staying in Dubrovnik or you plan to surprise yourself, when you finally come to the center of Dubrovnik, in its Old Town and famous Stradun street, you’ll probably notice Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge. That’s the place you must stay. Just sit on that cute wooden chair and wait – you will be surprised with whole, lovely and perfect package, you will get there….

So if you’re looking for best bar or pub in Dubrovnik, come stay at Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge, here is really everything you need.

Cute package includes…

First and for start most important fact is bars location, situated on address Placa 1 (Stradun 1), a ‘look away’ from one of the most famous place at busiest street in Dubrovnik, at Stradun, few meters away from Church of St Blaise.

So if you want to pick one, from numerous bars or pubs in Dubrovnik, why not pick the One where you can feel real Dubrovnik, feel the real life of our precious historic town.

No matter if you just want to sit for cup of coffee or feed your senses for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, late night drink or else. You see why you don’t need to search for any other bars or pubs in Dubrovnik.

Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge offers complete menu for all occasions, with rich menu card written on 17 pages.

Menu includes juicy varieties of snacks, salads, burgers and pizzas, good vegetarian choice, seafood and other fine food and combinations, with top brands of drinks, liquors, first-class wines, beers, aperitifs, after dinner drinks and cognacs.

the best bar or pub in dubrovnik
Table just for you

But if you are now worried about finding free table just for you, there’s no need to worry.

We offer you to book yours ‘corner in centre’ Dubrovnik. Whenever you want – for joyful coffee, lunch or even night life fun, with rich event program.

Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge is the ‘in’ place for day and night fun. In very heart of Dubrovnik.

What else do you need from bars & pubs?

And one more information for nostalgic ones, those who have already felt the charm of Cele Gourmet Bar & Lounge, since it dates from 1932.

The terrace is still evenly cute like before, or, maybe even sweeter with lovely rustical, wooden tables looking so handsome, united in picture with famous Church of St Blaise.

Experience the bar like you never have before.