Most delicious summer snack to grab while you’re exploring the best of Dubrovnik!

Most delicious summer snack to grab while you’re exploring the best of Dubrovnik!

Although many people might say that food isn’t a no.1 issue while visiting a cultural heritage pearl such is Dubrovnik, you will need the energy to get through the fulfilling day. Especially in hot summer days, during the touristic crowd, with other numerous visitors wandering around, trying to reach the best experience.

So yes, food, is essential, especially if we talk about the smart choice that will keep you up and ‘alive’ much longer than just a package of salty snacks or a portion of junk food you can grab, if you really must, somewhere nearby.

But when you come to Dubrovnik, to its center, with Cele Dubrovnik Gourmet & Lounge you can leave behind worries of a healthy/unhealthy meal choice. Placed along with the most popular location, Stradun street, in a famous Dubrovnik’s Old town, Cele Dubrovnik Gourmet & Lounge offers just the right thing tourists need:

Best summer snacks – balanced, fresh, nutritious and delicious, and sometimes, much needed rest, on a modern terrace with a stunning surrounding, where you can enjoy in your peaceful meal. And healthy, too.

Try delicious American pancakes or waffles with maple syrup and lots of seasonal fruits, for the best day start. Or energy booster breakfast served with a fruit smoothie and cereals. And for the rest of the day you can also choose between a lot of healthy meals, with fresh and natural ingredients, perfect for the summer season, such as:

  1. Cheese meal selection with of the best Croatian and world cheese: cheese from island Pag, cheese from Livno, feta cheese, goat cheese, garlic – avocado sauce cheese kept in olive oil, served with dried fruits
  2. Modified Cele burger – with caramelized onions, egg, feta cheese, tomato, garlic-avocado sauce, served with French fries
  3. Rich club sandwich with grilled chicken breast, cheese, tomatoes, mix salad, garlic-avocado sauce, ham, egg, served with French fries
  4. Burrata served on an arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and olive oil
  5. Chicken tortilla wraps with fresh vegetables
  6. Avocado Tartare with hot chili peppers, olive oil, lemon juice, and toasted bread
  7. Avocado Salmon Tartare – salmon, avocado, hot chili peppers, olive oil, lemon juice, toasted bread

Or you can simply choose from Cele Dubrovnik Gourmet & Lounge rich salad selection:

  1. Caesar salad with famous caesar dressing, mixed vegetables, chicken, croutons of bread
  2. Tuna salad with marinated tuna, mix salad and eggs
  3. Quinoa and chicken salad with sweet potato, green apple, mix salad, pomegranate seeds, fried nuts, olive oil, and smoked red pepper
  4. Cele salad with avocado, beet, anchovies, goat cheese, mix salad, croutons of bread and organic flaxseed

Since it’s just a tiny part of our complete offer, all we can say: When you come to Dubrovnik, you don’t need to worry, you will stay healthy!

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