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Why is Dubrovnik coffee so special and different from anywhere else you have ever tried?


Coffee, that “magic“plant and beverage brings us many different moments. It’s energizing us, it is like our fuel or may simply be a sip of pleasure. It’s fascinating to consider the different habits and traditions that are linked to coffee in different parts of the word… in Dubrovnik coffee is a ritual, usually on a daily basis. Here you won’t dash in for a quick espresso as you might in Italy. You need to take your time for coffee in the proper Dubrovnik/Croatia style.

Dubrovnik coffee as a part of lifestyle!

Coffee here is part of the lifestyle, part of the culture! Croats meet for coffee on various occasions and with different agendas. Sometimes it’s as simple as catching up with friends, and sometimes for closing business.


Dubrovnik coffee may end with cocktails or be a warm-up for an evening party. Often coffee time may last a few hours. After you have enjoyed your coffee while the sun is setting on the most beautiful street Stradun you can stay on and exchange it for your favourite cocktail. You should know that our place, Cele Lounge& Gourmet Bar is the warm-up for all great parties at the Culture Club Revelin.

Depending on the occasion we have different music, but there is always good music and even better drinks. For example, last Friday we had a Goodbye July party with our resident DJ Beats spiced up with the Zac the Sax notes.

Dubrovnik coffee at Cele lounge & gourmet

But let’s get back to Dubrovnik coffee: if you are a morning person than Saturday morning coffee at “špica” – THE place in the city where everyone wants to be and where all the action is, is great to experience Dubrovnik coffee.  Špica in Dubrovnik is on Stradun, especially at cult places like Cele Lounge&Gourmet.

Dubrovnik coffee
Dubrovnik coffee

When you want to meet your friend, you will usually suggest you meet for coffee; when you want to say thank you, you will usually say you’ll pay for the next coffee. It might seem as if Croats aren’t doing anything apart from having coffee – but it isn’t quite like that. Simply, you must have time for a coffee: it’s is a priority for your life balance…

For a Croat, a sign of a good life is to have easy access to coffee, and data proves that: Croatia ranks among the world’s largest coffee consumers. Croatians throw back 4.9 kg per capita of coffee a year, putting the country at 19th place in the world. We are not sure of the data just for Dubrovnik coffee lovers, but certainly, we make a big contribution to those numbers!

If you would like to try Croatian coffee than it should be in Dubrovnik.