Cele Dubrovnik: There's no excuse for skipping breakfast in Dubrovnik

Breakfast in Dubrovnik

There’s no excuse for skipping breakfast in Dubrovnik

Morning in Dubrovnik can do wonders for the soul. Morning in Dubrovnik can inspire you in a thousand different ways. It can inspire and energise you even more if you choose the right place for breakfast in Dubrovnik. Since it is perhaps the most important meal of the day, be sure to make it unique! What place could be more beautiful than Stradun street when the city is waking up, and you are enjoying your favorite food with a delicious cup of coffee. Welcome to Cele!

When you are in Dubrovnik a good day starts with breakfast at our place. On offer here you will find a wide selection of pancakes, toast or croissant with juice to make a French, Dutch or English breakfast. Do you prefer something sweeter with jam or you would like to have ham and eggs -because you need energy for a whole day in Dubrovnik? Whatever your choice of breakfast in Dubrovnik may be you will enjoy your meal here to the fullest.

At Cele you won’t just enjoy great food and drinks but also the location in front of St. Blaise church in the heart of the Old Town, right on the main street. If you can imagine a perfect breakfast in a perfect setting then it is here in Dubrovnik Old Town. You will feel as if you are in a scene from a film!

breakfast in dubrovnik

Breakfast in Dubrovnik – must eat

At Cele we are serve breakfast from 8 to 12.  Here is a selection from our menu:  there is a choice of traditional breakfasts such as a continental  – two croissants served with marmalade, butter and honey. Another conventional version is French toast from homemade bread soaked in a mixture of eggs and milk, baked in butter and rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Of course, there are pancakes, waffles with seasonal fresh fruit.  If you fancy an omelette, you can choose among several – our recommendation would be with prosciutto and cheese.

For those who are not lovers of such traditions, a breakfast to suit a healthy and active life in Dubrovnik can be great. At Cele we serve various fitness or an energy-boosting breakfasts. For fitness we suggest some crunchy choco or fruit cereals served with milk and fruit and for additional energy a fruit smoothie served with grains and seasonal fruits.

Can you see why there is no excuse for skipping breakfast in Dubrovnik? You can enjoy whatever you like on the most beautiful street in the world. Plus, we have to emphasise there is also a kid’s menu so that the little ones will enjoy their breakfast with you.


While you are here take a look at our full menu because we also serve food throughout the day, so you can also come by to have a light lunch, snack or pizza. There are some sweets that you can enjoy anytime – even after your breakfast!

There is nothing better than starting your day with a great meal before exploring Dubrovnik Old Town: come and see if you don’t agree?

Join us for the best breakfast in Dubrovnik.