Best easy (peasy) snack in a heart of Old Town

Best easy (peasy) snack in a heart of Old Town

No one can enjoy the sightseeing of a famous touristic destination reach with many attracting locations without a proper meal before, after or during the tour. And if you come to Dubrovnik, with it’s historic, cultural and modern facilities, it means you will probably be hungry in between.

But luckily, in a very heart of Old town, so near the Church of St Blase that you will probably come to admire, there’s also a great place to rest and grab a quick perfect snack. To give you energy for continuing the tour, or just perfect rest after all the fabulous things you have been seen.

Few meters away from the famous church, right in the middle of the Dubrovnik Old town, since 1932. stands the Cele Gourmet & Lounge Bar. Place where you can perfectly begin your day and end your night in Dubrovnik. From first aromatic morning coffee and rich all of a kind breakfast, pause for lunch until night cocktails in the perfect club atmosphere.

With non stop good music and fun, inside the bar and outside – ‘in the city’, you can choose almost everything that comes on your mind.

With menu list written on 17 pages, you will definitely find what you wish for – food or drink. From English breakfast, crepes, burgers, club sandwiches, salads, seafood, and many other juicy small meals till rich coffee, tea, (wild) beverages, beer, wine list, and well-known Cele Signature Cocktails. Name it, we have it.

And not just that, because we also have a lot more fun. With ‘obligatory’ for night fun, a place is also located near the main city concert stage every now and then when Dubrovnik celebrates, such as … often.

So, dear guests, if you are in Dubrovnik, come at Cele’s, where you can grab your perfect snack while in a hurry or take a good pause, with our offer that will satisfy all of your needs.

For tasteful food, refreshing drink, amusing atmosphere, perfect view and feeling that you are in a heart of something very ‘powerful’, but like it’s all made just for you. So enjoy in your ‘kingdom’ in a heart of Dubrovnik Old town.

Who knows, maybe a snack or late night drink bring in your life something even more…

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