Best Brunch on Stradun, since 1932! - Cele Dubrovnik Gourmet & Lounge

CeleGourmet & Lounge Bar – Best Brunch on Stradun, since 1932!

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Exploring Dubrovnik can be a tough job, especially if you still have a plenty stuff to see and discover in town, but if your empty stomach starts roaring and kind of trying to ‘cancel cooperation’, we have a nice suggestion for you.

Why don’t you have a nice, relax brunch in one of the most popular ‘brunch places’ in Dubrovnik – Cele Gourmet and Lounge Bar, located in a most famous city street – Stradun.

Our modern Cele Gourmet and Lounge Bar is already recognized as a place where you can enjoy in a perfect meal, refreshing drink and have fun, even a late night fun, in the heart of famous Dubrovnik Old town.

Since Cele Gourmet and Lounge Bar is a place made for tourists and anyone who needs to grab a quick meal or relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of fine wine, it is also an ideal place for a quick modern brunch.

Our menu is rich with such smaller meals, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and depending on how hungry you are and what your daggers are craving, you can always choose something nice for yourself.

The great news is that our restaurant is located right here, where most of the life is taking place in our touristic pearl, so your brunch will be a perfect part of the perfect day in Dubrovnik without going somewhere else to feed your hunger or last for a refreshing drink.

You can choose from our rich breakfast menu, serving from 8 to 12 hour: Continental breakfast,
English Breakfast, Fitness Breakfast, French Toast, Energy boosting breakfast, Hollandaise breakfast, Morning Toast, American Pancakes, Waffles, Salted pancake, Omelletes…

If you seek for more ‘meaty’ brunch, you can always choose from our burger’s and pizza’s list, chicken nuggets, mini toasts, fried chicken wings, chicken tortilla wraps, fish and chips, or even boost your meal with excellent cheese or delicates selection and salad and dessert bar.

And that isn’t as near as Cele Gourmet and Lounge Bar offers, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to uncover it all, wouldn’t it?

But if you accidentally wish to try an oysters or calamari specialties, we have it all.

With a glass of quality wine, a cup of tea or fresh squeezed natural juices, you will have a perfect brunch indeed. In a very heart of Dubrovnik.

Really best brunch you can enjoy on Stradun street.