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For almost 80 years Cele has been a popular meeting spot. We believe there is almost no one who has been in Dubrovnik and didn’t have at least cup of coffee at our place. So many people every day enjoy morning, daily or night moments.
This long tradition started in 1932 when Celestin – Cele Šikić – founded the bar, where people could have cake, coffee or homemade biscuits. During the years it has been a famous place in the city, due both to its position and its ever-delicious offers.

Part of history

Pastry shop “Cele” was working until the end of the World War II, when the state acquired it and renamed it “Jadranka”. Not long after that Mr Celestin quit his job and became occupied with other things. Even after his retirement it was still known as “Cele” for subsequent generations who probably have little idea where the name came from.
The café and restaurant ‘Cele’ remained state property, but not for very long. Fortunately, young hardworking people recognised the potential of the former pastry shop and turned it into one of the most attractive gourmet and lounge bars, not only in Dubrovnik but also in the whole of Croatia. After they took over the pastry shop in 2006 a group of young entrepreneurs changed the atmosphere, but the old charm and tradition did not fade away. They retained the original name – 'Cele'.


Cele - Best Dubrovnik Gourmet Lounge

From the story of a bar and pastry shop developed a place where your day begins, and the night ends, a place where you will find your most precious moment in Dubrovnik and a place where you will feel the heartbeat of the city.
In the morning, experience the best coffee in the city with the most delicious breakfast, while freshening up with fresh squeezed juice accompanied by the sounds of Dubrovnik’s swifts and swallows overhead. Moreover, Cele offers a choice of simple meals such as pizzas, burgers, finger food, calamari with Swiss chard, and particular local dishes.
The concept of the cafe and restaurant becomes a bar when night falls. Cocktail tables are set, and the demand for space rises from day to day as we dive into summer! ‘Cele’ is a place that offers some of the best entertainment in the city. Every night, guests enjoy various live music genres, as well as the amazing sounds of DJ beats.
You have probably seen this elegant Stradun café on postcards time and time again. That is not without reason: the brunch & bar Cele offers the style, décor and a sidewalk terrace that are a magnet for visitors, foreign and local alike.One thing is sure, Cele is a place that has been part of many memorable moments in Dubrovnik.
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Placa 1, Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu: 10.00 am – 01:00 am
Fri – Sun: 10:00 am – 02:00 am

Placa 1, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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